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When The Tragedy Of Domestic Violence Interrupts Your Life

If episodes of domestic violence have entered your Inland Empire home, and you intend to file a temporary restraining order to ensure your safety, and that of your child, you could benefit from the steady guidance of an experienced family law attorney.

Likewise, if you have been falsely accused of domestic violence, and you need knowledgeable legal help with how to defend against a restraining order, or you have been accused of violating one, a skilled family lawyer can work hard to protect your rights.

These situations embody many of the domestic violence cases handled by Rancho Cucamonga attorney Norma A. Koch during her more than 30 years of experience with the practice of family law. She is a former mental health counselor who brings personal attention, personal compassion and extensive legal knowledge to your quest for solutions.

Types Of Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse can be hands-on or verbal, in-person or by phone, sexual, physical or financial. It can take the form of spousal abuse, child endangerment, intimidation, harassment, stalking and terroristic threats. The person who is complained about, the alleged abuser, can be taken to jail straight away, following a complaint, whether or not the allegation is true. These complex domestic cases call for facts, not “he said, she said” hearsay, so that order can prevail and co-parents, children and other family members can be protected.

The reporting of domestic violence during an imminent divorce is a combination that can mean trouble. And a guilty verdict at trial for domestic violence can result in impediments for property division and child access, in addition to the surrendering of other rights that we tend to take for granted. We need to hear your side of the story. Please contact the Law Office of Norma A. Koch.

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