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Child Custody and Visitation

Resolving Issues Important To The Future Of Children Of Divorce

When it comes to cases involving custody and visitation, Norma Koch focuses on the best interests and well-being of children. In addition to her 25 years of experience as a skilled divorce attorney, she was also a counselor in the mental health field. Today, she combines her legal savvy with continued compassion and sensitivity to the needs of her clients and their children.

The founder of the Law Office of Norma A. Koch focuses on a fair and reasonable child custody arrangement that allows you to raise your children in a safe and healthy environment.

At The Side Of Parents And Children

Common issues will come up involving religion, education and upbringing. However, each case is treated individually. Some primary and joint custody arrangements involve grandparent visitation. Challenges arise when juvenile delinquency becomes an issue with a child. As circumstances change in the professional and personal lives of parents, custody modifications and relocation requests may be needed.

Divorce Mediation Versus Divorce Litigation

Divorce affects children as much as it affects their parents. Mediation and negotiation best serve them. The processes can play a strong role in children having stable lives during turbulent times. However, refusals to compromise or outright hostility requires a more aggressive approach in fighting for their well-being. Litigation is often needed to protect their best interests.

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Norma Koch is a skilled and savvy litigator who has appeared in hundreds of hearings and trials. She does not shy away from the courtroom if it provides the best outcome for you and your children. Call our firm at 800-724-5088 or contact us online.

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